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Ship captain jobs

Shipping Jobs covers jobs in different kinds of ships, from Cargo and Fishing boats, to Cruise Line ship jobs. Also Yacht, Merchant Marine jobs, info about careers in ships and other related subjects.

Ship Jobs

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Shipping Jobs - Marine Employment Opportunities

You could be sailing the seven seas bringing full of enterteinment and services to people aboard of a Cruise Ship, or you can put all your efforts to reach the tasks and times everyday on a Cargo ship. If you like to fish, did you know a career on a Fishing Boat could be waiting for you?

There are several areas of study and careers you can follow to work on a vessel, boat or a yacht. From cleaning and maintenance, to some Technical and Engineering careers, to high level positions as a Master or maybe, why the Captain of a ship.

At the right you can find some links to some specific topics of interest, like Cruise Shipping Jobs for those who want to get a job on a Cruise Line, Shipping Careers to check some careers and where to became a professional and start working on a vessel. There is also info about Cargo shipping jobs and the Merchant Marine, among other subjects.

"It is important when seeking a job in the cruise industry to do lots of research. The Internet is a wonderful tool with lots of information available for the job hunter. You need to learn how to apply, what jobs are available, and what skills are needed for the jobs. When doing your research, determine which job appeals to you. Don't just send in an application for 'any position available'. The cruise line will think that you are only looking for fun and not take your application seriously. Try to match your skills and interests to a specific job on a ship".Linda Garrison - About

Cargo ship
Cargo Shipping jobs

"A cruise ship is said to have in its employ about 500 at the least and 1,500 at the most in terms of crew staff and support groups. If the continuous boom in the shipping industry will be maintained, the major projections from cruise ship companies will result to additional 5 to 10 new luxury sea vessels that will ply the seas each year. At 5 new ships needing manpower at the very least figure of 500 per ship, that will be additional 2.500 new cruise ships jobs every year to fill in".

Cruise Ship JobsCruise Ship Jobs - Cruise Ship Jobs for people who are interested on starting a career across the seas or even oceans. Some information are gathered here about some of the most renown cruises, and where to get current job listings.

Yacht JobsYacht Jobs - Yacht Jobs covers jobs you can find on yachts, meaning small to medium size ships, including Cruise luxury yachts, like Yacht of Seabourn and some others

Shipping CareersShipping Careers - Shipping Careers covers some information about different jobs on a ship you could get and where to get studies and courses to graduate on one of those careers.

Merchant Marine JobsMerchant Marine - Merchant Marine Jobs, different positions are available if you want to work in the Merchant Marine Industry. The sector is growing and more kind of positions are becoming available nowadays...

Fishing Boat JobsFishing Boats - Check here for Fishing Boat Jobs. Working on a fishing boat can be a great experience but you can't forget the risks involved in the daily tasks some fishermen need to do...

Cargo Ship JobsCargo Ships - There are many Cargo Ship Jobs listings online, travel from port to port carrying goods and other supplies from one place to another, even from one country to another one...

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

State University - Merchant Marine Engineer Jobs description, career as a Merchant Marine Engineer, salary, employment, definition and nature of the work, education and training requirements, getting the job.

IMarEST - The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology, established in London in 1889, has over 15,000 members worldwide and several shipping careers studies.

Maritime Jobs - Listings of Marine Engineer jobs and other shipping jobs.

Alaska Fishing Jobs - Crab fishing, salmon fishing and more positions available for work fishing in Alaska, including commercial fishing.

Maritime Employment - A source for different kinds of Cargo ship jobs.

Find Maritime Jobs - Marine jobs, cargo ship jobs, different employment opportunities Worldwide.

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Ship jobs opportunities

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