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Shipping JobsShipping Jobs - Shipping Jobs covers jobs in different kinds of ships, from Cargo and Fishing boats, to Cruise Line ship jobs. Also Yacht, Merchant Marine jobs, info about careers in ships and other related subjects.

Cruise ship jobs cruise worker (Click to enlarge)
Cruise Jobs - Cruise Worker

Cruise line employment (Click to enlarge)
Cruise line employment

Cruise Ship Jobs for people who are interested on starting a career across the seas or even oceans. Some information are gathered here about some of the most renown cruises, and where to get current job listings.

There are many reasons why so many people look for cruise ship jobs. It could be to travel the world and see lots of different places. It could be to meet lots of new and exciting people from different countries and cultures. Or it could simply be to escape the 'normal' life at home and head off on an adventure [...]

Cruise line jobs requirements vary. Some positions, such as Captain, require detailed and specialized training. Other positions are entry level and do not have a lot of requirements. A job with a cruise line offers a special opportunity to travel and see the world. Room and board are paid for on a cruise ship, so you'll save money.

Ship jobs
Ship Jobs

Cruise lines provide passengers with a getaway vacation. These ships are like hotels on water, and hire hundreds of employees to run the ship and cater to the customers. Cruise line job requirements vary. Some positions, such as captain, require detailed and specialized training. Other positions are entry level and do not have a lot of requirements. A job with a cruise line offers a special opportunity to travel and see the world. Room and board are paid for on a cruise ship, so you'll save money[...]

Carnival Corporation is the giant in the cruise industry. It owns Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, Holland America, Cunard Line, Costa Cruises and Seabourn Cruises. The other major cruise lines are Royal Caribbean International, which owns Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Cruises, Oceania Cruises and P&O, which caters to the British market, and Norwegian Cruise Lines, which caters primarily to passengers on the United States' east coast with year round sailings from New York City and Miami.

By Destinations/Ports

Alaskan Cruise JobsJobs in Alaska - Alaskan Cruise Jobs gathered info on some of the cruise line who offer services from and to Alaska state. Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruises are just some of them, but there are locals too.

Caribbean Cruises JobsJobs in The Caribbean - Caribbean Cruises Jobs for those who love and want to work surround by sun, sand and nice beaches. The Caribbean is the top cruise destination, so there are plenty of fishes to cath out there...

Cruise Ship Jobs UKJobs in UK - Cruise Ship Jobs UK for those interesting in start or continuing a career aboard on a Cruise Ship or in the Cruise Line Headquarters. There are several Cruise Line companies with services all around United Kingdom...

Cruise Ship Jobs AustraliaJobs in Australia - Cruise Ship Jobs Australia, here are gathered information about some Cruise Lines who has this Island, Country and Continent as one of their favorites destinations...

By Cruise Line Name

Royal Caribbean JobsRoyal Caribbean - Royal Caribbean Jobs listings and information here about this World wide known Cruise Line company who offers different cruises at differen places, and there is several positions you could opt for.

Disney Cruise JobsDisney Cruise - Disney Cruise Jobs information are gathered here, plus links to sites with current Dinsney Cruise Line job listings.

Carnival Cruise JobsCarnival Cruise - Carnival Cruise Jobs listing and information about one of the biggest Cruise Line companies, with services around the globe, there are many job listings available.

Cunard JobsCunard Jobs - Cunard Jobs information and where to check for current positions available. Cunard is a cruise line from UK with services all over the World...

Holland America Line JobsHolland America Line - Holland America Line Jobs information and links where you could find listings with current positions available, also more information about this cruise line.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Cruise Ship Jobs - Cruise jobs listings.

Cruise Job Finder - Information about cruise jobs, also some listings.

ABC Directory - Cruise ships jobs, Fantastic Perk, an article by Neil Maxwell-Keys about finding a job on Cruise Lines. - How to Look for a Cruise Line Job. Article by Lee Mellott.

WikiTravel - Information about Cruise Ships.

Ocean Opportunities - Cadetship careers info from the Carnival UK Group, get trained and start your new career with them.

More Cruise Lines

AIDA Cruises JobsAIDA Cruises - AIDA Cruises Jobs listings and general information from this Cruise Line company, who claim itself as the leader in Cruise Line services all over Germany...

AMA Waterways JobsAMA Waterways - AMA Waterways Jobs link to listings can be found here if you are interesting in work in this cruise line with services to several places, especially Europe...

Celebrity Cruise JobsCelebrity Cruise - Celebrity Cruise Jobs information, also links to listings with current job positions, information about this company, merged with Royal Caribbean Cruises in 1997

Mediterranean Cruise JobsMSC Cruises - MSC or Mediterranean Shipping Company, is an Italian Cruise Line offering services all over the World. Check link to sites with current job listings...

Norwegian Cruise JobsNorwegian Cruises - Norwegian Cruise Jobs information and more about this Cruise Line, with destination around the World, and their headquarters located in Miami, USA...

Princess Cruise JobsPrincess Cruise - Princess Cruise Jobs listing and information about this cruise line company, one of the most famouse ones, with destinies around the World, including Alaska, UK and Australia.

P O Cruise JobsP&O Cruise - P O Cruise Jobs information, this is a company based on UK, which has turned into a conglomerate with Carnival Corp, Cunard Line and other brands...

Seabourn Cruise JobsSeaborn Cruise - Information about Seabourn Cruise Jobs. Right now is a great time to get a job at Yacht of Seabourn Cruise Line. This company located in Florida has just bought new luxury yachts and they will need persons to work aboard.

Star Cruise JobsStar Cruise - Star Cruises is a big cruises company offering services around Asia Pacific. Check here for info about Star Cruises and where to check job listings.

Viking River Cruises JobsViking River Cruises - Viking River Cruises Jobs, Viking River Cruises is an international company based in Los Angeles, California that operates a fleet of 18 river cruising vessels along the rivers of Europe, Russia, Ukraine and China...

Windstar Cruises JobsWindstar Cruises - Windstar Cruises offers small ship luxury cruises to the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Costa Rica, Greek Isles, Europe, and Transatlantic crossings...

Cruise line jobs ship crew (Click to enlarge)
Cruise Ship jobs - Ship Crew

Other Categories

Casino Cruise JobsCasino Cruise Jobs - Casino Cruise Jobs listings for those who want a little bit of emotion in their life by working on the unique environment a Cruise ship Casino area can offer...

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