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Cruise Ship JobsCruise Ship Jobs - Cruise Ship Jobs for people who are interested on starting a career across the seas or even oceans. Some information are gathered here about some of the most renown cruises, and where to get current job listings.


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Disney Cruise Jobs information are gathered here, plus links to sites with current Dinsney Cruise Line job listings.

"Pursue the adventure of a lifetime with a career with Disney Cruise Line! The journey begins at the Web site for Disney Cruise Line, the most exciting, magical cruise line in the world... ...From industry-leading training, to competitive pay and rewarding experiences? we give you plenty of reasons to grow your professional skills and career with us. Come see for yourself.".

You can check for current positions available for Disney Cruise Jobs, at DCL Jobs.

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"With more than 2,700 Guests per cruise, including more than 1,000 children, Disney Cruise Line is known for creating memorable family experiences that last a lifetime. Each one of our more than 900 friendly, bright and warm Crew is accountable for the personalized attention we provide our Guests. We always deliver more than our Guests expect, and it's one of the reasons that many of our Guests come back year after year. The difference is something you feel the moment you step onboard. It's our way, the Disney Way".

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Disney Cruise

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Cruise Ship Jobs UKCruise Jobs UK - Cruise Ship Jobs UK for those interesting in start or continuing a career aboard on a Cruise Ship or in the Cruise Line Headquarters. There are several Cruise Line companies with services all around United Kindom...

Caribbean Cruises JobsCaribbean Cruises Jobs - Caribbean Cruises Jobs for those who love and want to work surround by sun, sand and nice beaches. The Caribbean is the top cruise destination, so there are plenty of fishes to cath out there...


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Cruise Ship Jobs - Disney Cruise jobs listings. www.cruiseshipjob.com

Cruise Job Finder - Information about cruise jobs, also some listings.

Disney Cruise Line - Disney Cruise Line. www.dcljobs.com

Job Monkey LLC - "Working on Disney Cruise Ships", article from JobMonkey about working on DCL. www.jobmonkey.com

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Disney Cruise Jobs
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If you love children and lots of fun then look no further than Disney Cruise Line for the perfect onboard cruise job. Disney Cruise Lines offers family oriented people family style cruises that are perfect for adults and children alike... ...If you're thinking about becoming an employee with Disney Cruise Lines consider the demographic you will likely be working with. Since Disney Cruise Line is largely geared toward families it is likely that jobs pertaining to child care and children's activities will be in higher demand then in some of the other luxury cruise lines. Additionally, since many onboard jobs are customer service related consider that you will be working and dealing with children to larger degree then you would on other cruise liners. For some potential employees this is music to their ears, while others will pass for a more refined crowd. Please keep in mind though, that Disney does offer some very elegant and mature cruising options perfect for the fun-loving adult.

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