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Shipping JobsShipping Jobs - Shipping Jobs covers jobs in different kinds of ships, from Cargo and Fishing boats, to Cruise Line ship jobs. Also Yacht, Merchant Marine jobs, info about careers in ships and other related subjects.

Fishing boats (Click to enlarge)
Fishing boats

Check here for Fishing Boat Jobs. Working on a fishing boat can be a great experience but you can't forget the risks involved in the daily tasks some fishermen need to do...

Salmon fishing boat (Click to enlarge)
Salmon Fishing Boat

One of the favorite spot for fishing boat jobs is Alaska. According to Alaska Job Finder, "The fishing industry is Alaska's largest private employer and employs over 56,600 people for summer, seasonal and year-round employment plus another 22,000 indirect jobs with the state of Alaska. The state's fisheries average over $11.2 billion in revenue per year and account for nearly 62 percent of the volume of fish and seafood landed in the United States. Roughly 57% of these jobs are filled by nonresidents of the state. Many of whom are college students and other adults who spend a season or two in Alaska earning great money, meeting new friends and having an alaska jobs, alaska fishing job, summer jobs photoexperience of a lifetime".

Alaska is especially favorite for Salmon and Crab fishing, "With harvest numbers being especially high in recent years offshore positions in the Salmon industry are in particular demand". "The Alaska king crab fishing job is considered to be the most dangerous in North America. Those in employment of catching king crab brave extreme weather conditions and harsh work environments to catch as many king crabs as possible!"

Crab fishing boat jobs (Click to enlarge)
Crab fishing boat jobs

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Alaska Job Finder - Listing of jobs in Alaska, including fishing boat jobs.

Alaska Fishing Jobs Network - Information about the fishing industry in Alaska, including Salmon fishing.

CvTips - Crab fishing in Alaskan shores.

Alaska Fishing Jobs - Crab fishing, salmon fishing and more positions available for work fishing in Alaska, including commercial fishing.

Boat Crew Jobs - Several fishing boat job listings.

The Bureau of Labor Logistics - Article about Fishers and Fishing Vessel Operators.

Fishing boat (Click to enlarge)
Fishing Boat

In Boat Crew Jobs you have more listings for fishing boat jobs. Jobs on Ships, Offshore Boats, Yachts, Tugboats, Ferries, Diving and Fishing Vessels. Listings include jobs from all around USA, and also offshore and other countries like Singapore and Canada.

Fishers and fishing vessel operators catch and trap various types of marine life for human consumption, animal feed, bait, and other uses. The fishing boat captain plans and oversees the fishing operation, the fish to be sought, the location of the best fishing grounds, the method of capture, the duration of the trip, and the sale of the catch. Large fishing vessels that operate in deep water generally have technologically advanced equipment, and some may have facilities on board where the fish are processed and prepared for sale. Such vessels are equipped for long stays at sea and can perform the work of several smaller boats. Some fishers work on small boats in relatively shallow waters, often in sight of land. Navigation and communication needs are vital and constant for almost all types of boats. More info about fishing boat jobs in the US BLS (Bureau of Labor Logistics) website

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