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Shipping JobsShipping Jobs - Shipping Jobs covers jobs in different kinds of ships, from Cargo and Fishing boats, to Cruise Line ship jobs. Also Yacht, Merchant Marine jobs, info about careers in ships and other related subjects.

Shipping Careers covers some information about different jobs on a ship you could get and where to get studies and courses to graduate on one of those careers.

There are different careers you can follow in order to work on a ship. Different areas of study, grades and environment, you could be aboard on a Cruise working in the Casino of the cruise, or maybe you want a formation in the Navy and work as a Merchant Mariner.

A Ship's Captain commands and manages all ship's personnel, and typically in charge of the ship's accounting, payrolls, and inventories. The Captain is responsible for compliance with immigration and customs regulations, maintaining the ship's certificates and documentation, compliance with the vessel's security plan, as mandated by the International Maritime Organization. The Captain is responsible for responding to and reporting in case of accidents and incidents, and in case of injuries and illness among the ship's crew and passengers.

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Shipping Careers

A Ship's Captain must have a Master Mariner's license, issued by the ship's flag state. Various types of licenses exist, specifying the maximum vessel size (in gross tonnage) and in what geographic areas the captain can operate in. An unlimited master's license allows the captain to operate any vessel worldwide. Restricted tonnage licenses include vessel categories down to 100 tons gross tonnage and below. Examples of licenses with restricted geographic scope include those issued by the United States Coast Guard for the Great Lakes, inland waters, and near coastal waters. A candidate for an unlimited master's licenses requires several years of seagoing experience as third mate, second mate, and chief mate.

"Every hour of every day, ships of all types ply the waters in and around our nation. They leave our ports laden with U.S. goods bound for foreign markets, or arrive in our harbors with merchandise and materials for American consumers... ...These kinds of vessels, owned by U.S. companies, registered and operated under the American flag, comprise the U.S. merchant marine. This fleet of highly productive ships is a major part of our system of commerce, helping guarantee our access to foreign markets for sale of our manufactured goods."


As technology advances this department has become more important to the overall operation of a cruise ship. Staff working in the IT department on a cruise ship are responsible for operating and maintaining all aspects of the cruise ships onboard computer systems, including hardware, software and networks.[...]

Marine Engineer JobsMarine Engineer - Marine Engineer Jobs, if you are interesting in follow a technical career on board a vessel, check here some listing with positions currently available in US, UK and other countries.

Marine Electrician JobsMarine Electrician - Marine Electrician Jobs, employment opportunities for those with a background working with electrical systems aboard on ships. Description of the career and some online listings.

Ship Captain JobsShip Captain - Ship Captain Jobs, take the lead and cross the seas commanding a crew aboard on different kinds of ships, from Cargo to Cruise Ship Captain Jobs positions you could apply to.

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Georgian College - The Great Lakes International Marine Training Centre, has several education programs for Marine Engineering wannabes.

IMarEST - The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology, established in London in 1889, has over 15,000 members worldwide and several shipping careers studies.

United States Merchant Marine Academy - An education at the United States Merchant Marine Academy awaits those bold enough to accept the challenge.

Maritime Jobs - Listings of Marine Engineer jobs and other shipping careers.

If you want to follow shipping careers, you should think on the IMarEST Institue. Established in London in 1889, is the leading international membership body and learned society for marine professionals, with over 15,000 members worldwide. The IMarEST has a strong international presence with an extensive marine network of 50 international branches, affiliations with major marine societies around the world, representation on the key marine technical committees and non-governmental status at the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

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