Alaskan cruise jobs

There are several cruises offering services to and from Alaska, some of them go between Alaska and Vancouver in Canada. The big Cruise Lines has cruises to Alaska and you could check for listings from these companies if you want to get Alaskan cruise jobs. But not all of the current Alaskan Cruise line has jobs positions or career opportunities.

One of the most popular Cruise Lines, Carnival Corporation has announced they will be reducing capacity in 2010 as stated by the Carnival Corporation Chairman Micky Arison. Carnival Cruise Lines is the leader in Alaskan cruises with 15 ships, out doing Holland American, which has seven ships and Princess Cruise lines who also has seven ships going to Alaska.

Alaskan cruise jobs

According to Arison this would impact the land based hotels, restaurants and other places frequented for passengers. The chairman also stated that there could be more cuts by 2011 by the Carnival Cruise Line Corporation.

There is also the Vancouver-Alaska cruise (which occurs annually from May to September) with more than 1-million revenue passengers on about 300 sailings passing through the Port of Vancouver, on two cruise terminals: Canada Place and Ballantyne. In 2006 the Port will host 28 ships at its two cruise terminals.