Casino Cruise Jobs

The Casino department from a Cruise Ship generally consists of the following cruise ship positions: Casino Manager, Casino Dealer/Croupier, Cashier and Slot Technician. Depending on the kind of Cruise, and how big it is, maybe more personnel and positions could be needed and more positions could be available. Also some Cruises could offer more than one Casino area.

In compliance with international custom laws, the Casino is only allowed to open while in international waters; usually three miles out to sea. Subsequently the staff only work while at sea and have port days off.

Cruise Ship Jobs has a section dedicated to Cruise Ship employment for the Casino Department, with some current listings from different Cruise Companies on different Career levels in the Casino Department, from Cashier, to Manager, all basic level can be found here.

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Many cruise ships operate casinos onboard and it is considered to be the ultimate job by crew members. Casino staff hours vary depending upon the ship, region, and clientele[]