Cruise Ship Jobs UK

If you are in the UK or want to work in the Great Britain, several Cruise Line companies has port or origin and destination at several ports around the British Islands, starting with Cunard Cruise Line, a UK based Cruise Line.

Most of the Worldwide well recognized Cruise Lines, like Royal CaribbeanPrincess Cruise Line, among others, also have UK as one of their top point of services. At the right of this page you can see a list of them…


With a greater number of travellers seeking to cruise Wales as well as other parts of the UK, there seems an increasing chance that Wales will soon catch up with the long established European cruise ports as a desired destination in the popular leisure cruise market. In the British Parliament a special committee of legislators focusing on Wales have produced a report with such conclusions. The report indicates that the UK cruise market enjoyed strong growth over the last decade or so, and it recommends that efforts be made to secure more growth in cruise ship arrivals to strengthen Welsh port communities and economies… …Looking further ahead the outlook is encouraging for Welsh ports to catch up with Baltic ports where there is already a popular cruise market. From Newport, Swansea, Milford haven all the way to Holyhead in the North West, ports in Wales can be the drivers of economic regeneration when they attract travellers to cruise Wales. David Phillips – Uber Articles