Yacht Jobs

“A yacht is a high end recreational boat. It designates two rather different classes of watercraft, sailing and power boats. Yachts are different from working ships mainly by their leisure purpose. It was not until the rise of the steamboat and other types of powerboat that sailing vessels in general came to be perceived as luxury items. However, since the level of luxury on larger yachts has seen an increasing trend, the use of the word yacht to mean any sailing vessel has been diminishing and is more and more limited to racing yachts or cruising yachts”.

There are several companies round the Globe dedicated to offer services on Cruising Yachts. They are smalller than the regular cruises, but many of them offers as many services and amenities as the regular ones, so if you want to work on a Yacht Cruise Line, you should consider the following tips and websites for listings.

Yacht Jobs

Working as a crew member on a private yacht is all that and more. Charter yachts take guests on a single or multi-day trip for a fee. Some of these yachts may be commercially owned by a large corporation while others are owned by private individuals who commonly act as captain. There are also “Mega Yachts” of 78 feets or more, fully loaded with entertaining and amenities.

“If exotic jobs appeal to you, while you take in the pure ocean breeze and enjoy lavish living, while making a good salary, then you should look into working on board a luxury yacht, perhaps a millionaire’s private yacht. These yachts can reach more than 78 feet in length, and cost upwards from 1 million US dollars. There are far more luxury yacht crew jobs than you might think and when you become a member, you will get all the inside info, and gain full access to the best luxury yacht jobs available all over the world. While some multi-millionaires frequent their luxury yacht many times throughout the year, some only visit once or twice a year”.Cruise Job Finder